Double Pee Bass

hot wire double pee

The Hot Wire Double Pee is a Vintage 51 Model with Hot Wire P and Funderbucker Pickups.  The rosewood neck provides pronounced low midrange, just right for Blues and Rock n Roll. The transamber hi-gloss finish enhances the fine alder grain texture. Hipshot Ultralite machines and the Hipshot bridge keep everything in tune. The scratchplate comes in a dark tortoise. At first you don´t notice the XXL scale... The bass reminds you of the golden times of Rock n Roll, but take a look under the hood and you will find much more... 

Double Pee = P-Retro x 2

As the name already suggests, the P-Retro is working here, but as a double feature!

The Hot Wire P-Pickup provides the fat thump. The Funderbucker Bridge pickup opens up additional sound dimensions, because combined with the P-Retro parametrics you can dial up the fattest Jaco Tone you have every heard - among others!

Two P-Retro elektronics here are wired together, a complete P-R with parametrics and various boosting features for each pickup. As both pickups influence each other, the enlightended player is placed in a gigantic sound world ranging from vintage to hyper modern!

Double Pee Features

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