Introducing a new concept: I love the clear sound and fast attack of swamp ash, but also the warm, round tone alder is known for... So why not combine both of them?

Let´s make a sandwich! The 50/50 body consists of swamp ash and alder in equal amounts. Looking at it from the front, you see the typical swamp ash grain pattern, from the back it´s the alder texture. The sound you hear is the best of both worlds! 


Check this: the warm round alder tone, and the crisp sound and fast swamp ash attack! Combined with a fingerboard of choice you can sculpt your dream tone: a maple neck for a clear and pronounced slap sound, or a rosewood neck for great walking bass tones with strong mids.

red sandwich

As you can expect from Hot Wire, the specs are variable: choose pickups and electronics, also neck dimensions and finish options. We went for a hi-gloss finish slightly enhancing the grain pattern, two Funderbuckers with U-Retro electronics. This combination ensures assertive sounds in all rock styles, but also convincing at a lounge jazz gig...!

blue sandwich

blue sandwich

The maple neck provides a detailed slap and tap sound, the rosewood neck supports warm tones for Rock, Soul and Funk.  Two W-Bucker and the P-Retro make a great combo! As the W-Buckers already can get mean in passive mode, the P-Retro brings out more of the finer shades. But this bass is not just a mean rock beast, it can be mellow in the blues and jazz context. 

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