The Force

new force

We have reworked the body style: The New Force comes with an alder body and maple-, rosewood or ebony neck. The pickup combination can be chosen, as well as the electronics. Long scale is standard, but we can do XXL scale for a super tight sound, or medium scale for the funky solo player or bassist with small hands! 

active all-round sound!

force body


Here we went for an MM plus P combo with phat magnets for an Über-MM-Sound! also a great Pee-sound! Combine it with our MM 3Band Retro and Pan Pot and you are right in the Funk department! The bass pictured has an ebony neck, XXL scale and great sound throughout!

Swamp Ash Force

Swamp ash sounds great, is lighter than alder and the grain pattern always looks nice! This one come with a ebony neck, Hotwire Funderbuckers, Glockenklang 3 Band electronics and a Siena sunburst finish. 

The Hot Wire Force bass is a workhorse for players who have to cover a wide sound spectrum, but want to carry only one bass. Take out the Force and you are ready for business! The Force Fretless comes with rosewood or ebony neck, fretlines to taste and special pickup config - in this case a  passive Funderbucker.

Force Power

The old Force body style will be available for a limited time only! It comes with a prezz body made of alder, with two funderbird humbuckers offering a wider spectrum as jazz-types and already give a nice push in passive mode. Combine it with the U-Retro 5 knob and experience an ultra-phat tone! Dial in a mighty finger sound, a slinky Miller slap, or a round Jaco tone...


black force

The four string force with maple neck delivers a snappy yet warm tone, so put your thumb on!

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