Inlaw Ferrari

This bass can be played so slick and so fast, we just had to call it "FERRARI"... For the player who wants to sound great and look outstanding. And you can play it slow, as well...

The body is made of Khaya Mahogany and delivers a warm sound. The birdseye maple top adds definition and attack to the tone. The hi-gloss finish really magnifies the grain structure. The matt-finished neck is built multi-strip for utmost stability: One big middle strip of hornbeam, two narrow stripes of mahogany and maple stripes on the outsides. The pau ferro fingerboard adds to the stability and to the tone. Big Dunlop frets for solid fingering.

Our proven Hotwire W-Bucker set in an eight-coil version, two round coils per string, can be switched in series, parallel and single coil mode. East electronics for extensive but useful tone-tweaking. The string spacing here is 18 mm, the bridge was designed by ETS. Hipshot machines of course. This bass is a joy to play, and the tone is awsome!

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